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We are looking for suppliers of Pumps, Valves and all kinds of fluid machinery. We want to be your Distributors.

You have products for sale. < > We have distribution network and abundant knowledge of fluid machinery.
You have reputed brands. < > We have experience (since 1995) in sale at Vietnam.

  • Why you need stockist in Vietnam ?

    You know very well your products and you know how much is your average orders value getting from end-users. If this value is smaller than 15.000 EUR (for products from USA /Europa) or smaller than 10.000 USD (for products from Asia)... read more...

  • Internet worldwide promotion and sale in VN

    34% of total Vietnamese population uses Internet...

  • Choose End-users or Sole Agent ?

    From 2010, Vietnam became a member of WTO (World Trade Organization) and foreign companies can establish their own distribution network in Vietnam. The big brands "Samsung", "LG", "Fords", "Toyota", "Sony" etc established their Vietnamese headquarters to control distribution by themself. The big pumps company "Grundfos" established "Grundfos Vietnam Pte", too. Only small-sizes foreign suppliers still have to choose distribution types more...

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