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San Ha trading services company limited

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Import and distribution of pumps and valves. Technical consultant. Solutions provider.
Expert of Chemical equipment and special air/water/oils/gases equipment.

Products Categories:

  • Valves and Pipes
  • Metering Pumps
  • Chemical Pumps and Others
  • Water Pumps
  • Equipments

  • Quotations for Project : Products made in Italy, EU, USA etc.

    Products for Projects

      Valves and Pipes:

        Ball valve (127)   [see more details]

        Spring check valve (2)   [see more details]

        Single disk swing check valve (2)   [see more details]

        Pressure Reducing valve (21)   [see more details]

        Foot valve (7)   [see more details]

        Y strainer (7)   [see more details]

        Gate valve (2)   [see more details]

        Butterfly valve (3)   [see more details]

        Strainer (6)   [see more details]

        Globe valve (4)   [see more details]

        Bibcock (3)   [see more details]

        Gas valves (54)   [see more details]

        Central water heating (447)   [see more details]

        Union (10)   [see more details]

        Angle valve (5)   [see more details]

        Flexible Joints (2)   [see more details]

        Valves with electric actuator (3)   [see more details]

        Ball check valve (9)   [see more details]

        Wafer check valve (2)   [see more details]

        Build-in valve (3)   [see more details]

      Metering Pumps:

      Water Pumps:

      Chemical Pumps and Others:


        All types (719)   [see more details]

  •     Water-Oil-Gas systems  (323)
  •     Water systems  (129)
  •     Drinking water systems  (25)
  •     Waste, Sewage water system  (5)
  •     Hot Water systems  (459)
  •     General fluid systems  (11)
  •     Chemical systems  (36)
  •     Metering systems  (15)
  •     Compressed air systems  (2)
  •     Steam systems  (24)
  •     Gas systems  (69)
  •     DO pumps  (10)
  •     LPG systems  (2)

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